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7 min readMay 14, 2021

Everything Props LLC is a full-service props, set, and equipment rental company founded by Denise J Grillo, a Production Properties Supervisor with decades of experience, most recently on Hamilton and Mrs. Doubtfire, and Ian Grunes, who has worked across the board from Broadway to film to the owner of BNG Industries. Together they are a force to be reckoned with.

With over 50 years of combined experience and as consummate professionals, Denise and Ian couldn’t sit by as the COVID pandemic shut down the entire live theatre industry. In an effort to use their abruptly provided time off productively, they joined forces in August of 2020 to launch Everything Props, LLC. They’re bringing it all together — and with the support of major set designers on Broadway and production companies.

As they formed their company, they mulled over their name, trying to figure out what their specialty was in the rental world. However, they also didn’t want to limit the random and exciting pieces they added to their inventory. “We’re not just furniture or weird aliens or throne chairs or event flats — we rent a little bit of everything — and we’ll even rent you a bathtub and a toilet,” co-owner, Ian shared. As they built up their stock in May and June of 2020, they flirted with a list of names: fancy props, cheap props — and simply they went back to the idea of having just about everything, so welcome, “Everything Props LLC.”

When you have everything, you want to make sure you can find anything. They spent months cataloging their inventory on Airtable to incorporate it on their website with 4000 lines of inventory with 50 columns — aka 50 entries per item all with categories within categories. It is beyond accessible, it is the inventory of props we strive to find. Normally the big hindrance of a prop house is space, but they have an initial operation encompassing 10,000 sqft, with room to expand. They are starting with a magnificently sizable space and they keep reinvesting in the prop house. Don’t just take our word for it, see it for yourself in their “Fly-through” video!

Since they put a lot of time and attention into their website, everyone is invited to start there. Pull a few options and they can work with you to whittle down and find that specific piece you’re looking for. Everyone on the customer-facing side has a props or art department background to help with selections. They can easily pack everything together and accommodate what you need. With Ian’s other company, BNG Industries, a furniture and millwork shop that also builds scenery, he has been able to offer services and deliveries to film sets and theaters.

The team over at Everything Props also has a contingent of repair associates to maintain, rehab, and refurbish the stock. As the initial inventory was assembled a lot of pieces came in needing some TLC — this team of professionals brought them back to their original conditions. For example, a beautiful wood chair had a missing section of wood armrest that is being re-carved and restored to its former glory. Their attention to detail and sustainable mindset to fix the beautiful pieces they have in front of them truly sets them apart from the rest.

Similar to ArtCube Nation, our Cubers want to work with a business that is a resource for the community.

Everything Props LLC addressed this head-on, “we know we’re a business but, we also fancy ourselves as a resource for the arts community as a whole. It’s our ideal to see projects flourish and careers grow. To that end, we are always happy to help. If you’re a non-profit theatre, indie film, student or school organization let us know. We’ll be happy to share our knowledge and do our best to suggest pieces that will work within your budget.”

During the COVID pandemic a number of established prop rental houses shuttered due to retirement or economic impact, as the arts community is better served with multiple options, Everything Props has looked to fill a niche that needs more representation. They’re “ helping to nurture fledgling artists and return a little something to the industry that has given so much to [them].” Denise makes it a point and puts in the extra effort to work with everyone and meet them where they’re at. To that end, they have a range of items, providing designers with options to fit their budgets, as well as multi-week, monthly, and even nonprofit pricing. All you need to do is reach out and ask!

Beyond the options and budgets, another key point that Denise and Ian make is that so much of what is purchased for production goes out in the dumpster or to a producer’s garage… and then to the garbage. With their background in theater and the heartbreaking reality that many shows and events closed early last year, they are already giving these theatrical props and set decorations another life. Most of the luggage and some of the telephones have played on Broadway before, a rowboat was from a restaurant event that no longer needed it, and the list goes on. While mindful of the fact that even large spaces can fill up, they are mindful and use their space to keep these pieces to be utilized on another set. This has led to the commencement of a small-scale credit program where they will adopt props and set decoration when you wrap in exchange for a percentage discount on your next rental, of course, conditions apply.

We all know what you really want to know — where is this happening? Across the river, in Jersey. Everything’s legal [and rentable] in New Jersey! They’re right in Harrison, behind the Red Bulls Stadium, just outside of Manhattan. They’re open for rentals, will deliver locally, and you can schedule a visit on their website at any time.

Follow them on Instagram for updates and to see new pieces. Their Instagram is funny and playful — they bring so much of themselves to this company. We are so excited to welcome Everything Props LLC to the Cube, now Cubers connect and Cube on!

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Everything Props

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Founded by industry professionals with over five decades of combined experience in theatre, film, television, and live events we offer a curated collection to support your vision. We are well stocked to provide everything from furniture and decor to off-set production needs.

Meet the Team

Denise J Grillo has been a Production Properties Supervisor for almost thirty years. While her focus has primarily been on mounting new Broadway Shows and Musicals, she’s also worked on several films, television shows and live events. Scene Designers and Directors alike, always appreciate Denise’s single-minded focus and determination in bringing their visions to life.

A few of the show’s she’s worked on over the years which have garnered Best Scene Design nominations or wins include: Once on This Island, Dinner At Eight, Nine, Aida, The Musical (Tony Winner), She Loves Me (Tony Winner) and the current smash hit Hamilton, An American Musical. To date, Denise has built all seven productions of Hamilton, which are currently running across the USA and worldwide.

As a bonafide work-a-holic, Denise couldn’t ideally sit by as the COVID pandemic shut down the entire theatre industry. In an effort to use all of her unplanned time-off productively she, along with her partner Ian Grunes decided to launch Everything Props, LLC. A Prop Rental house that will offer discount rental rates to not-for-profit and student productions in theatre, film, television, and media arts as a way of helping to nurture fledgling artists and return a little something to the industry that has given so much to her.

Ian Grunes has worked in live and recorded entertainment for the better part of 25 years. From circus to Broadway, feature films to Netflix originals, with a healthy dose of Off and Off-Off-Broadway in there, he has been part of productions in various capacities. As the owner of BNG Industries, a furniture and millwork shop that also builds scenery, he has been able to offer some services to the entertainment industry, but now, partnering with Denise J Grillo, and with the formation of Everything Props, he has found a place to concentrate his energies to assist productions in any capacity they may need.



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