CubeStory: Jess, The Community Manager’s Intro to ArtCube Nation

Jess from ArtCube Nation
3 min readDec 8, 2020

For those of you who don’t know me, hello! I’m Jess Costa, the Community Manager of ArtCube Nation, The Professional Social Network of the Art Department. It’s wonderful if you’re just starting out in the film industry or you’re a well-seasoned pro. When I joined, I was more of the former.

My CubeStory started when I was working on my senior thesis at NYU and I ambitiously wanted to make a Victorian film. I was still figuring it out, working with a shoestring budget, and I had a dream to make this indie period piece come true. I had a producing teacher, Christina DeHaven, who is a wonderfully inspiring woman who always told us, “Say this to yourself, ‘The world would be a better place with my film in it because…’ because your story is worth telling.” She always told us we could figure out a way to make our films, there’s always a way. She heard my aspirations and told me the best community for me would be ArtCube Nation. She emailed me the link and from there I joined the network.

I received advice on how to sell this Victorian world with the small details: from Edison bulbs to types of flowers, and then where to find wholesale flowers in a week. Serendipitously, someone was selling a white, Victorian couch with a dark wood finish 20 minutes from where we were filming. Since my family lived locally, my mom jumped in the pickup and grabbed it for set. It’s that magical moment as one film set ends another begins, which isn’t uncommon on ArtCube. This couch needed to be saved from the dumpster and it became a pivotal piece to ground us in the era.

I even asked if anyone knew where to find cheap teacups and a woman donated a full box as she was cleaning out her kit. Directing my thesis was my first introduction to ArtCube’s love, support, and willingness to help make a dream come true within a budget.

For five dollars a month, I not only found a way to make this specific film into a reality, but I found a community that continuously has my back and truly wanted to help any way they could to make my Victorian dreams come true. Now fast forward to modern day and I am still a part of this community. I’m honored to work with Eva, Liz, and the full ArtCube Nation network that shows up for each other time and time again.

Want to be a part of this wonderful community? Join ArtCube Nation and experience the CubeLove for yourself!

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Jess from ArtCube Nation

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